Character sinks into floor when playing animation.

I am having an issue with animation. Whenever I try to add an animation to a character, the character sinks into the floor in a weird pose. I have made multiple animations in blender, and downloaded multiple animations from mixamo. They all cause the same effect. I have watched hours of animation videos and read dozens of articles with no solution. I am new to animations, and don't have even the slightest clue as to why this is happening. Is there a setting that I have set up incorrectly? Attached is a screenshot of what my screen looks like. Any feedback would be great, thanks.8506301--1133108--Screenshot 2022-10-11 162926.png

If you look at the source animation import settings, is there an avatar assigned to the animation files?

Hey, yeah I figured it out. I knew it would be a simple thing I was just overlooking. The animations that came from outside unity needed to be configured to humanoid and I had to check "create from this model" for the avatar definition. Thanks!

Just a note, it's better to share avatar definitions whenever possible, so you're not duplicating a bunch of redundant data.

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