Character spins constantly when using legacy animation, game claims animation does not exist.

I created a model with an animation in Blender, exported as an fbx, and imported into Unity. The animation is actually a series of animations that were strung together in Blender for convenience, so when importing the fbx, I split the animation into 10 animations. I also set the animation as Legacy, because Unity told me to.

Then, I added an animation component to my object, and set all the animations as elements under the Animations tab.

Lastly, I modified the player’s movement script so that if no buttons were pressed, the code “GetComponent ().Play (“Normal”);” would play.

However, when I try to run my game, two things happen: the message “The animation state Normal could not be played because it couldn’t be found!
Please attach an animation clip with the name ‘Normal’ or call this function only for existing animations.” would show up in the console any time the line of code was called, and the player would spin around uncontrollably.

It can’t be anything in the movement code, because it works fine if uncheck the animation component. The animation shouldn’t be affecting the physics anyway, as the object has a box collider and I have “Animate Physics” unchecked.

So what’s going on?

I think I found the main problem. Look in the hierarchy, go to goku → Armature → Bone.021, there’s another “goku” GameObject as a child with a RigidBody, BoxCollider, Animation and MovementScript components. It looks like you made a copy of it by mistake or something like that. Removing or deactivating that GameObject will stop that weird rotation.

It looks I was wrong about using the animator when importing the FBX rig as Legacy. I couldn’t do it either, I’ve done that in other projects but I think I used .blend files, not FBX.