Character sticking to walls

I’m mainly messing around with Unity atm to learn how it functions with 2D platformers. Following a few of the unity tutorials, I have a character moving about, but everytime I jump into a wall, it sticks me to it.
I tried shrinking the hit boxes, but that just makes the character clip into the wall and still stick to it.
I’ve seen suggestions of using 0 friction surfaces, but I found a glitch that makes me want to figure out a different way.


No friction:

Hey there,
Are you using Rigidbody? it could be the reason. Replace it with character controller 2D OR you can add a physics material to both the walls and the character.

With This Settings :

Dynamic Fraction : 0

Static Fraction : 0

Bounciness : 0

Friction Combine : maximum

Bounce Combine : Average