Character wont move when "crouched"

hello so this might be a simple fix i dont know. I am working on a 2d platformer and i have my character moving jumping and i just implemented a crouch( mapped to the left ctrl using the input manager). if i start moving then crouch it works fine. but if i crouch and try to move he wont move. and furthermore if i move then crouch then try to move the opposite direction it stops. so it seems to me like the problem is its not reading “crouch” + “horizontal”. any help would be appriciated

It might actually be because you’re using left ctrl. Keep in mind you’re still inside the unity editor and ctrl+button commands still try to work. So if you hit left ctrl + s to move down, the editor would try to save instead of move the player down.

There is two things you can do about this, add a second button to test your crouch that isn’t left ctrl, or build and run the game.

Try that out. It should work for you. ^^