Character won't play animation

Hi all,

I am new to unity and just running through a few tutorials, However I have run into an issue and am unaware how to solve the problem. I am currently following this tutorial and have followed it all the way through to the letter, but I am using my own model made in blender and animated. The problem I am having is that unity wont play the animations I have specified it to play in the script. I have specified the animation frames in the animation inspector and have applied the script to the character.

It does automaticaly play the animations before I add the script so I know that they are there but it just won't play them when the script is applied.

My project can be downloaded from

I hope one of you can point me in the right direction as this has bugged me for days.

Thank you in advance

Yes the character is rigged and it has been animated and then imported directly into unity. Yes the script is from the tutorial and after all the issues I have been having I have copied and pasted the code stright from the tutorial.

And yes Blender rules.

Well did you export it as .blend or something else

Yes I exported it as a .blend but I have also tryed exporting as .fbx but to no avail.

Did you ever get this to work? if so, how?

We are having this exact same problem!

Thanks in advance.

‘all actions’ needs to be checked when exporting .fbx
btw Blender rules!

If you’re using the standard script you need to make sure you’ve assigned animations to ALL the things, idle; walk, run and jump.

the project file gives error “URL Not Found” !

Take a look at the answer I gave here, maybe it is the same problem.