CharacterController and Collider problem....

hello everyone.
Now I have a problem.
In my project, I make a character and an AI.

I make a sample script let the AI can attack and make damage to my character like this…

In AI…

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {
    other.gameObject.SendMessage ("ApplyDamage");

In character…

function ApplyDamage(){



but my character don’t get any damage when the AI attack…

and I find a interesting phenomenon.

when my character stay and not move,I can’t get any damage.
bug when I move, I can get damage!

Move>>I can get damage.
Stay>>I can’t get damage.

Have any idea to fix the bug??

Had the same issue. It turns out that Colliders do not cause nearby objects to “wake up” when enabled. You need to add a RigidBody to your Collider (the one with the OnTriggerEnter() on it).