CharacterController falls through or slips off moving platforms 2.0

Hi, I am using a script based on ThirdPersonController script, I tried to add the solution present on

but failed miserably, something worked but the character spawned in a place that wasnt the place I seted and he was sliding the platform. My original solution was to parent it to the platform, worked very well but I am afraid of the physical consequences of such act. Please, can you give me a hand? to improve the ThirdPersonController with that platform solution?

Sorry about my noobish and my terrible english!

partially managed to solved the issue. I had the same problem as you have.
I rewrote the script from scratch.
My script adds the difference vector of the platforms positions before,and after the movement. Then it moves the character controller with that vector. Unfortunately it only works if the platform is not moving fast, and got an X, or a Z axis movement as well(lol).

I calculated the vector velocity of the platform and sent to the character to sum with the final movement if it is in touch, it doesnt work well if the platform is much fast because the frame calculation, it is working nice for me.