CharacterController going trought walls.

First of all, I need to say that I´m new to Unity.
I created a “map” in blender and imported it to Unity as a .blend file, after it a CharacterController was created, w/ a camera and “walking and looking” scripts.
Everythings works fine and smoothly but my character keep going trough the walls of the map. I´ve tried using RigidBody, every kind of "—"Collider but the CharacterController keep going trough.
Sorry for asking something that must be very basic for all of you, but I couldn´t find any solution on the WEB. Please help =)

Ok so after looking at your script i can asure you that your problems come from transform.Translate. When you use transform.Translate or something like transform.position … your transform will ignore collisions.

The basic rule for movement with collision-recognition is:
If it’s a CharacterController use CharactorController.Move or something equal and if it’s a rigidbody use rigidbody.AddForce or something equal.

I’m gonna convert my comment to an answer because i’m certain that it will work and if you still have a problem with your script then please just go ahead and ask.

I had a little time left so i converted your movement script to use CharacterController.Move();

var GameobjectwithCharacterController : Gameobject;
var controller : CharacterController;
function Start () {
controller= GameobjectwithCharacterController.transform.GetComponent(CharacterController)

function Update () {
 if (Input.GetKey("w")){ controller.Move(Vector3.forward);}
 if (Input.GetKey("s")){ controller.Move(-Vector3.forward);}
 if (Input.GetKey("a")){ controller.Move(-Vector3.right);}
 if (Input.GetKey("d")){ controller.Move(Vector3.right);}

Warning: Code is untested.

Also you should change the variable name for the gameobject or use somthing like transform, transform.root or transform.parent.

PS: When it comes to CharacterController-Movement I would always recommend the FPSWalkerEnhanced:

Is the normals in blender pointed in the right direction? I had that problem once until I inverted some of the normals…

If not, perhaps you could create “invisible” wall colliders?