CharacterController Hops along upward slopes


My character controller uses a Capsule Collider

I check the isGrounded bool to see if my character can jump or is falling.

The problem:

My character hops along an upward slope, inhibiting jumping (You can’t jump when you fall) and forcing me to use raycasts to see if I’m “on ground” or not (useless expensive check, if you ask me…).

So, given that Character Controllers are spastic, and that It’s late in the dev to rip it out and use my own implementation, what can I do to resolve this issue?

If you post your movement script this might be easier to solve. But in general have you tried working with the angle of movement to control this behavior? You could try using Vector3.Angle (in the docs) and adjust your movement based on the angle associated with your player’s direction of movement along the Y axis when he’s not jumping. For example apply more gravity if the angle is above a certain degree. The behavior sounds very weird, so seeing a script could help but I’d start there.