CharacterController jumps when colliding with kinematic rigidbodies

Hi Everyone!

I recently found out something strange in Unity 5: Whenever a Character Controller collides with a kinematic rigidbody, it snaps up on its top and falls back down after the rigidbody has passed through it.

Sort of like this:

The capsule has a character controller attached to it and the cube is a kinematic rigidbody being animated to move around.
This only seems to happens if the rigidbody is kinematic and is either animated or moved manually using MovePosition().

Earlier in Unity 4, the rigidbody simply passed straight through the Character controller as expected, but this seems to be happening in Unity 5.0 and up.

I tried searching to see if anyone else is having this happen or if it’s just me. But it seems no one’s really addressed it. I’d really appreciate your inputs.

I know it’s nothing too significant but it’s making the Character Controller act strangely when doing even basic things like opening animated doors etc.

I’ve experienced exactly the same behavior. I can fix it sdimply changing the Character Controllers

Slope Limit: 45
Step Offset: 0.3
Skin Width = 0.08

I think the issue is related with step offset…