CharacterController.Move() & SimpleMove()

Hi All

I've been moving my Player using linear interpolation from position A to position B. This is a tile based game, in so much as the player will move from the centre of one tile to the centre of an adjacent tile. I have a complex solution with colliders and tags to handle steps up and down and while this works fine, it a:) isn't automatic and b:) the player only obeys the special colliders for moving up and down steps, so any nuances of the terrain and even individual steps is lost.

To this end, I looked at using a CharacterController and have tried both Move() and SimpleMove(). I am not entirely sure what I would expect here - I thought that passing in the fragment of my direction vector I was using to interpolate from point A to point B, would move me to that point in the same time as my original interpolation, but I find that my player moves much more slowly. I guess the question is, if I pass a direction vector of 0, 0, 1 to the Move method while the player is on a flat surface, would I expect the player to move 1 unit in the positive Z axis THAT frame. Or are these Move methods subject to some form of friction, or am I passing in the amount per frame, when I should be passing in the amount of movement per second?

Thanks in advance Ian

Solved. I think the problem was that my speed multiplier was set on the object to which the script was applied and I kept changing the value in the script and always seeing the same speed, but of course I was always getting the same value. My mistake!