CharacterController & Particles


I'm having fun making my first non-tutorial game with a Knight and Dragon. I would like to have the Dragon's fire particles to damage to the Knight and to have the tip of the tail do damage. I have the Knight built with a CharacterController and custom script;

Right now when the dragon breathes fire the particles collide with the Knight and jet propel the dragon backwards.

I understand that this is because the Character controller does not respond as a rigid body would. Is there a practical way around this? This is what I tried in the script that controls my knight. Flame hit is declared as a boolean false at the top of the script.

function OnParticleCollision(){

FlameHit = true;


and as part of function Update I have:

if(FlameHit == true){
var Knight : GameObject;
Knight = gameObject.Find("Knight6");
FlameHit = false;

It all works except that the Dragon also is rocketed backwards.

Does the dragon have a rigidbody? It sounds like the dragon might be colliding with its own fire. Put the dragon on its own layer, then uncheck that layer from the 'Collides With' layermask on your world particle collider.