CharacterController walks through object.

Hello handsome.

I am using a CharacterController for my player. Everything goes fine until the CharacterController collides with something.

If a object hits the Charactercontroller in the abdominal area(stomach) the CharacterController will walk right through the object like it had "isTrigger" turned on. But when the CharacterController lands on its feet there is no problem whatsoever.

I have tried most of what I can think of but with out results.

So, any idea how I can fix this?


EDIT: I did a bit of research and i figured that I should use controller.Move or SimpleMove instead of transform.Translate, which would include the physics engine(I believe) and will stop the object from going through objects. I will try this approach when I come home and post the solution here so people later on can benefit from it.

Did u try adding a rigidbody to him? if thqt doesnt work try checking the collider and make sure it is completely around your character. If not the check the objects if the dont have colliders things will go right through them

Using controller.SimpleMove did the trick for me. See here for more details about SimpleMove. The player can no longer walk through object.