CharacterController with BoxCollider

Hello! So I’m using CharacterController for sprite movement and collision. I also attached child BoxColliders (set as Triggers) to detect collisions with various environmental triggers. I quickly realized that the BoxColliders were not registering collisions with anything in the scene. After banging my head for a bit I came to the conclusion that this was because their parent (CharacterController) is not under control of the regular physics engine; it seems like the equivalent of manipulating the BoxCollider’s transform manually.

I’m wondering if there is a workaround for this or am I simply doing something wrong?? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

For clarification. I have a CharacterController gameobject. It has a child attached with a BoxCollider (IsTrigger set) and a simple script that prints when OnTriggerEnter. I move the CharacterController with Move. I also have a few separate gameobjects in the scene, each of which have a BoxCollider attached with IsTrigger set. The OnTrigger* events are not firing on the child of the controller when it passes through my scene triggers.

Something involved in a collision requires a rigidbody on it; it can be set to isKinematic = true so that it won’t affect the standard processing of a CharacterController. The thing with the rigidbody gets the message - so you will get it on the child if the child has the rigidbody, otherwise on the parent.