Charcer Customization with Unity Indie?

Hi, my team and I are creating an rpg, and we would like to know how to make character customization in unity indie. We know that this is a huge project and it will take a long time especially since we are all not proffesionals. heck we're all teenagrs. But we have the determination to make this game, no matter how long it takes us. Unfortunately we cannot afford unity pro, at least not yet. BTW, we are using blender for 3d modeling/animating. If there are any tutorials for this, that would be great. id like to know what we have to do to in both blender and unity to make this work.

For a head start in character customisation for Unity, and for some animations you may want to take a look at

Basically you can upload a model, apply one of their nicely animated motions to it, such as running or walking, and then download your model again, in a Unity read FBX format.

They have some nice sample Unity projects and tutorials too.

For character customization you're going to need AssetBundles; creating a diffrent model for every item possibility would likely be too much work.

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