Chartboost with Unity 5 linking error

Hi, I want to integrate Chartboost into a unity mobile game that exists on google paly and apple app store. I am using unity 5 and with the android everything is ok on IOS there are problems. First of all when I build the xcode project there is an error

Exception: Project file not found at file path C:/MyPrograms/Star Ball Galaxy/build/iosFree
UnityEditor.XCodeEditorChartboost.XCProject…ctor (System.String filePath) (at Assets/Chartboost/Editor/XCodeEditor/XCProject.cs:91)
ChartboostSDK.ChartboostPostProcess.ProcessXCodeProject (System.String path) (at Assets/Chartboost/Editor/CBPostProcess.cs:50)
ChartboostSDK.ChartboostPostProcess.PostProcessBuild_iOS (System.String path) (at Assets/Chartboost/Editor/CBPostProcess.cs:35)
ChartboostSDK.ChartboostPostProcess.OnPostProcessBuild (BuildTarget target, System.String path) (at Assets/Chartboost/Editor/CBPostProcess.cs:26)

I do not know how to fix this but Unity builds the xcode project. When I try to build the xcode project I had and arc issue that solved it by removing the arc on chartboost mm

files. But then I get a linking error and a warning

warning: directory not found for option ‘-L/Users/alexm/Downloads/iosFree/LibrariesPlugins/iOS’

ld: library not found for -lChartboost

do I have to do something extra? I downloaded the IOS sdk and I did a drug and drop of chartboost.framework into the xcode project but it did nothing

On the Chartboost for Unity SDK download page, they state:

“We’re looking forward to bringing full Unity 5 compatibility to the Chartboost plugin in the near future!”

I forgot to write about this. The problem occurs when you build the xcode from a windows machine and transfer it to the OSX. If you make the build directly from an OSX machine everything is fine

but why this error occurs only some of the projects not all the projects.
I tried importing stuffs but still the same error persists.