chase player after he starts running

Hey everyone! in my gameplay I have a main character running away from a policeman. At the moment as soon as I hit play he starts chasing him and the player doesnt have much time to runaway from him!!..
Im looking for a script that helps the policeman not to start chasing him until he starts running for the first time.
(im guessing its something like: if the value of the player movement > x then start chasing him?), im not good with scripting…
does anyone know how I can do that?
Thanks a lot!

public Transform playerTransform;

if (Vector3.Distance(playerTransform.position, transform.position) > 10.0f)
//do chase code here

that would be the essence of what you want to do. You unfortunately can’t do this without some understanding of scripting. That snippet of code would need to be placed in your policeman script, and you basically need to put all the code dealing with the chase inside of that if statement. Then of course connect the playerTransform to your script.

These are all very basic concept, if you don’t understand what I just said I’d really suggest you go through some tutorials. The 3D platform game is sort of a quintessential reading to get up to speed.