Chatbox within two scenes / static?

Hey, I got a Gameobject in Scene 1 (which is a Chatbox or rather Debug Log Box) and I want it to appear in the next Scene (namely Scene 2) being loaded, too. At the moment, I got the Chatbox in both scenes (just copied it, created same variables etc), but, for sure, the text-content is not same. I could do it with the PlayerPrefs… but imho, this method sucks. Tried to create a static variable, but could create the same variable (public static Text debugtext;) in both Scrips. How can I make the chatboxes use the same Text string variable?

Or is there even a better way instead of creating 2 DebugBoxes (which, btw, consists of a Scroll Rect, Text Rect and scrollers) ?

Would it be better if I just use one Scene with multiple Pannels and deactivating those I am not willing to display? I really hate the rendering System of Unity 5… There are no useful Tutorials explaining all these things (if to use different Scenes, if to use multiple canvases etc) or the problem with multiple resolutions, Anchoring is a nice feature, but what about that Scale with screensize, which reference resolution does one take?

btw mods: is it right that Topic-Tags is case-sensitive and all lower-case?

Remove the object from the second scene and add:

void Start () {
	DontDestroyOnLoad (gameObject);

to the script attached to the Chatbox object.