Cheapest way of rendering 2000 sprites?

I’m trying to make a little isometric terrain generator using sprites.
The goal is to bring this to mobile once it’s a game.

But I’m noticing quite low FPS rates once I start zooming out and showing more sprites on screen.
I checked the profiler and it dips below 10 fps on my Nexus 4 once I hit around 2000 sprites on screen. The solution would obviously be not zoom out so much, but is there a way to maximize performance?

Is for instance, the standard sprite shader a cut-off shader, of does it look for gradual alpha values? Is there a better shader out there?

I’ve already eliminated some sprites that were being rendered under others and disabled them.alt text

Make sure all your Sprites have the same Packing Tag in the Texture Importer and use the built in Sprite Packer to pack them into 1 Atlas.
This will batch everything and will reduce the drawcalls since it’s only using 1 texture instead of many: