"Cheating" way to detect tap on object with OnMouseEnter

I wanted to check (and do stuff afterwards) when I tap on a specific item on my touchscreen. Basically, I check when I tap on its collider. So I noticed, that if I attach a script to that object and use OnMouseEnter(), its code is not only executed when I hover my mouse over this object inside Unity, but also when I build and run my game on my Android device and tap on my object.

I was looking for ways to do this, and they mentioned raycasting. My code is simpler though and it seems to work. Is there any reason why I shouldn’t use it?

I think this wasn’t supported in iOS builds in the past. But it is now i think.

The thing is, if you use raycasting, you only have that looping on the camera. However if you have 100 objects running that script, you have 100 things checking for mouse. At least that is my understanding, i’d love to hear from someone that actually made some profiling/benchmarking with that thing.