check collision from one axis

How to check collision from one axis

Some Thing Like That And Thanks For Down Vote No Problem With that

function OnCollisionEnter.y(collision : Collision){
//Do SomeThing
i tried that and no Work

i have the same problem man. i just want to chek if my player has collision on its left or right side so that if it does , then destroy it . but donno what to do. did you fixed it ? or have u any idea?

function OnCollisionEnter(coll : Collision){

	for(var c : ContactPoint in coll.contacts){

	var myX : float = coll.contacts[0].point.normalized.x;


the easiest solution for you (notice I didn’t say the most efficient)
Would probably be to create 2 collision planes. instead of 1 collision box.

Make them a child of the player and place them on the left and right relative to the player and then they will just move with the player


left collision plane position is 1 unit left of the player position (or 2 or whatever amount is just barely left of the player)
right colliison plane postion is 1 unit right of the player position

Now you have 2 seperate objects

OnCollisionEnter(collision : left_collision_plane)

OnCollisionEnter(collision : right_collision_plane)

make sense?

Well after banging my head against the proverbial brick wall that is this problem for hours, I came across this thread…which due to @elbarky’s seemingly-poor English, and lack of describing the problem clearly, was met with disdain (and understandably so). But in his/her defence, this is a problem that can be described pretty easily without much detail of a particular scenario

The solution I finally found with @walkingunity’s help (thanks for leading me on to the correct path!) is one simple line of code:

if (Math.Abs(collision.contacts[0].normal.x) > 0.5f) {
//Yay! We detected collision on the x axis only! Who cares about that pesky y axis?? :P

Of course if you wanted to ignore the x axis instead, you could simply use .y in place of .x.

Btw, if it really makes a difference, my scenario was being able to move a sprite horizontally, allowing it to bump into other objects and change direction. But if it falls off a ledge, so what?? Don’t need it to bounce or anything, just keep on truckin’ along that x plane! :stuck_out_tongue: