Check every frame if Collider touch each other

tried at least for hours solving this ;(

// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {

	currentCollider = GameObject.Find ("line1").GetComponent<Collider2D> ();
	testCollider = GameObject.Find ("line2").GetComponent<Collider2D> ();

	if (currentCollider.isTouching (testCollider)) {

i want to check every frame if one Collider touches another. line 1 and 2 both inherit rigidbody2D and BoxCollider2D. Using Unity Version 4.6. my: …[.isTouching()]- is painted in red in Monodevelopment. any ideas ? thx

… Use Triggerevents is no choice,… because it doesn’t trigger the time i place object with lines between themd randomly on a Screen (and lines were drawnin an instant, so it doens trigger the onExit or onEnter).

Try with OnCollisionStay2D, its called every frame.


it works fine now, figured out a way with enter and exit . Also improved my performance.