Check GUI toggle button with the M keyboar Key

So i have this toggle button to show my window as a click on it with the mouse
my question is,could it be possible to assign the M key to check the toggle button to show my window ?

this is the script i have , helpe me please

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class SkinTest : MonoBehaviour
    public GUISkin thisAmigaGUISkin;
   private Vector2 scrollPosition =;
	public bool doWindow0 = true;

void DoWindow0(int windowID)
    void OnGUI() {
		GUI.Box(new Rect(10,8,145,35), "Menu Del Santuario

doWindow0 = GUI.Toggle(new Rect(10, 15, 145, 30), doWindow0, “”);

		if (doWindow0)
            GUI.Window(0, new Rect(10, 44, 700, 500), DoWindow0, "Basic Window");


Adding this should work:

void Update() {
    if (Input.GetKeyUp(KeyCode.M))
        doWindow0 = !doWindow0;

thank you Throbertbu God bless you. have a good day