check if an always changing int variable suddenly stop changing

i have this “distance” variable that is always changing(increasing) because I have an infinite runner. now if the player suddenly hits some obstacles which renders him unable to gain more distance which means the distance variable stop changing. how do i check that?

Instead of checking for an always changing integer, it would be a lot easier if you just check for obstacles and end the distance there.

But if you must, you can check if the distances are equal each frame for maybe 3 seconds before saying that it’s the player’s final score.

public int lastDistance = 0; // For comparison use.
public int currentDistance = 0; // Player’s current distance.
public float timer = 0;
public int seconds = 3; // Number seconds it checks for stabilizing the distance.

void Update(){
    if (lastDistance == currentDistance){
        timer += Time.deltaTime;
        if (timer >= seconds) {
            // Done, records the currentDistance as the player's score.
    else {
        timer = 0;

    lastDistance = currentDistance;