Check If Component is Requred by Another

Is it possible to check in code if a component is required by any others?

You can easily destroy any component with the Destroy() function. However, destroying components that are required by any others leads to crashes. So I need to find some way of checking to make sure no other components are dependent on the one I’m about to destory.

Unity already checks for this if you try to remove a component through it’s context menu:
So is there any way to do a check like this yourself in code?

I know this question was asked years ago, but I recently ran into a similar issue. After looking for an answer and not finding anything, I decided to write an extension method and share it here in case somebody else ends up needing it.

What this method does is, it iterates over all components in a GameObject, then it checks the component’s attributes, and checks if there are any RequireComponent attributes that require the given component. If there are any such attributes, the method returns true.

using System;
using UnityEngine;

public static class GameObjectUtils
    /// <summary>
    /// Iterates over all <paramref name="gameObject"/> components,
    /// and checks if any of them require a given <paramref name="componentType"/>.
    /// </summary>
    /// <returns>True if <paramref name="gameObject"/> requires <paramref name="componentType"/>.</returns>
    public static bool RequiresComponent(this GameObject gameObject, Type componentType)
        //iterate all gameObject's components to see if
        //one of them requires the componentType
        foreach (var component in gameObject.GetComponents<Component>())
            //iterate all component's attributes, look for
            //the RequireComponent attributes
            foreach (var attr in component.GetType().GetCustomAttributes(true))
                //check if the attribute is RequireComponent
                if (attr is RequireComponent)
                    //cast the attribute to RequireComponent
                    var rcAttr = (RequireComponent)attr;

                    //check all three of the required types to see if
                    //componentType is required (for some reason, you
                    //can require up to 3 component types per attribute).
                    if ((rcAttr.m_Type0?.IsAssignableFrom(componentType) ?? false) ||
                        (rcAttr.m_Type1?.IsAssignableFrom(componentType) ?? false) ||
                        (rcAttr.m_Type2?.IsAssignableFrom(componentType) ?? false))
                        //if the component is required, return true
                        return true;

        //if no components require it, return false
        return false;

From here, all you need to do now is:

//replace Transform with whichever component you wanna check for
bool required = gameObject.RequiresComponent(typeof(Transform));

Unity use attribute to check, you can see here: Unity - Scripting API: RequireComponent