Check if EventSystem is in InputField

I have a basic InputField. I also have a basic CameraMovement script:

These are the only relevant lines in the CameraMovement scripts:

            Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * MovementSpeed * KeyboardSensitivity * Time.deltaTime,
            Input.GetAxis("Vertical") * MovementSpeed * KeyboardSensitivity * Time.deltaTime,

The problem is when I am typing in the input field, I don’t want the Camera to move (when I type the WASD keys). I’ve already tried adding in a check for EventSystem.current.alreadySelecting, but that doesn’t seem to have changed anything.

No clue when alreadySelecting is returning true so a work “around” would be to do something like this:

GameObject inputGameObject;

if (EventSystem.current.currentSelectedGameObject ==inputGameObject)
            //do something

keep in mind the code in the if will be executed every frame you have selected the InputGO a good practice would be to make it execute only once. Cheers