Check If Object Colling With Target Objects At Same Time

Hello, I’m New Here, and befor i start this i had to tell you this so my question don’t get deleted because the post my be messy a little bit sorry.
Heres my issue: I’m trying to detect if a 2D object(a square) is touching two objects at same time(2 square targets) so i used Physics.OverLapCercle to try doing what i told you befor but i failed, i used two overlap cercles on the object one to detect touching the first target object and the other to detect the other target object because this method is the only thing that i could think of (I’m still a beginner) so I would like you guys to help me solve this problem either by correcting me(my code) or give me another sample method to solve the issue.
PS: when the object collide with the target objects at the same time the game will end thats why i wrote Debug.Break in my code.

    private bool over1,over2 = false;
public Transform FinishObj;
public float radius =1f;
public LayerMask Obj1;
public LayerMask Obj2;
void Start () {

void Update () {
	over1 = Physics2D.OverlapCircle(FinishObj.position,radius,Obj1);
	over2 = Physics2D.OverlapCircle(FinishObj.position,radius,Obj2);
	if (over1 && over2)

This may not answer your question directly but you can have the idea

here is what to do. it’s in javascript sorry for that:

function OnTriggerEnter (other : Collider) {

if( == "Object1 NAME" && == "Object2 NAME"){




don’t forget to add 2D after OnTriggerEnter and Collider if it’s using the 2D engine