Check if privacy restriction for images is activeted


My app saves a photo in the apple device gallery.
From ios 6 users have to allow this in device “privacy” section.
There is a way to know if app is allowed in this privacy section?

Sry for terrible english :wink:

This is a code very similar to my code.

		EtceteraBinding.saveImageToPhotoAlbum (_path);
			EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButtons("Saved", "Screenshot is saved in your Gallery", new string[] {"OK"});
			EtceteraBinding.showAlertWithTitleMessageAndButtons("Warning", "Image not saved.

Enable this app to save image in
Settings - Privacy - Images", new string {“OK”});

My solution:
Using “plugin prime31 event” i write this:

“Screenshot is saved in your Gallery”,
new string {“OK”});

in the event for photo saved and the other alert in the event for the no-saved photo.

I think that this is a very easy solution but not the best.