Check If User Actually Sent a Tweet?

Is there any way to check if the game user actually sent a tweet on Twitter as opposed to just opening the Twitter page? Reason being is that I will reward the players for actually tweeting, not just quickly opening the Twitter page and then going back to the game. The method below is attached to a UI button I have, thus prompting Twitter to load in the browser.

public void ShareToTwitter(string linkParameter)
		string nameParameter = "Insert tweet characters here"; 

		Application.OpenURL(TWITTER_ADDRESS +
			"?text=" + WWW.EscapeURL(nameParameter + "

" + "
" + “Follow on Twitter! :” + "
" +

Thank you!

You’d need to use the Twitter Search API to test whether the tweet was actually posted (source: Need to check if User tweet / like / retweet post successfully using JS intent? - #4 by andypiper - Twitter for Websites - Twitter Developers