Check performance of shader for mobile

If I use specular shader for mobile device then I got following message on inspector. Whether I have to use specular effect for mobile device or not? But I want to use this shader. I want your suggestion in this. Whether it consumes more resources?


That shader will certainly run poor on mobile. Make sure to use the specular shader for mobile, which is optimized for … mobile :smiley:

Let me try to explain that whole shader thing:

Those shaders are pixel shaders. That means they are basically a small program that is run on each pixel. The more complex a shader is, the longer the program for each pixel gets and the more time it needs to render it to the screen. That also means that the screen resolution is a large factor, since the shaders are run for each pixel.

As you most likely know, PC’s have much more graphics power than mobile devices, so you really should use the shaders that are optimized for mobile.