Checking and editing multiple animations in the Editor

I wish Unity had a way where you could select multiple game objects with different animation controllers (or different animator components) and have the capability to seamlessly play back and edit the animations of all game objects with an animator controller attached. I also think it would be extremely helpful if the animation window would also allow you to change the clips of the different game objects selected. This would allow designers and animators to have the capability of setting different animations, checking off set key frames, and more easily modifying key frames without the need to keep selecting back and forth between different game objects to ensure their timing is set correctly.

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You can do that using Timeline, check it out. The only caveat is that in Timeline, you can only edit animations that are created in this Timeline, but it isn’t usually that big of a deal, since it’s not hard creating animations in Timeline and usually animations are unique to the timeline they are created in.

In Timeline, you can add multiple Animation Tracks, each using a different Animator and animation clips. Then, if you double click an Animation clip on the track, Unity will open it in Animation Window, but it’s synced up with the Timeline, so all animations are played and previewed at the same time, while you’re making adjustments to one single clip.

No, I want to create animation to use outside the timeline.

Did you find your solution?

Use timeline to setup your previews, allows for fine control with override tracks. You can then edit your animations by double clicking.

You can create several timeline or just duplicate your clips arounds to create all the layer and animation syncs you use in your game. It's quite the best solution imo.


@Whatever560 But how can you achieve this settings? I dont have any of it in my Editor.

What do you mean ? You need to install the Timeline package, create a Timeline asset, a PlayableDirector, Bind your animated elements to the timeline in the timeline window.