Checking if any assetbundle is cached?


I am working with assetbundles for the first time. I am downloading them from a server, checking the Hash form the .manifest beforehand to only download it when it has not been cached before. Everything works great!

Now I would like to add in a functionality which checks if there is even an internet connection and if not I want to check if the assetbundle is cached. If yes it should be able to load normally. If no I want a message which tells the user there is no internet connection to download the assetbundle.
The part where I am stuck is checking if there is a cached assetbundle without comparing it to the hash from the .manifest… Caching.IsVersionCached seemingly only works with a hash but without an internet connection I don’t have one to put in there. And Caching.GetCachedVersions doesn’t seem to do anything for me either.

Any ideas how to achieve this?
Thanks in advance!