Checking if touching a trigger.

Hi there
It is quite simple to describe what i’m looking for,
but i couldn’t find a spezific answer for my problem.


if(//am i touching a trigger named "RightPlane"?//){

So what i have to type instead the of the comment to get this working?
If it isnt possible this way, show me another solution.
Help would be awesome, thanks for your attention =)

It would be

function OnTriggerEnter( collided : Collider ){

if( collided.transform.tag == "RightPlane" ){

rigidbody.velocity.x += 2;



There are some things you need to consider here first though. You might want to multiply a value by Time.deltaTime to get the addition of velocity frame independent.

Also, it is better to do physics things in FixedUpdate. An option here would be to set a bool to true in the TriggerEnter and then adding the velocity in FixedUpdate.

Also, it is usually bad to change the velocity directly. You should try using AddForce instead.

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