Checking nulls almost all the time! Is this normal?

The script I wrote below checks the state of a static variable “selectedObject” from another class, every time I want to access or change things inside this static variable, I have to check the if it is null to make sure the null error does not pop out.

I have written most of my scripts in this method and thought maybe there could be a better design for this. Any pointers or advice is much appreciated!

if(myScript.selectedObject != null && (myScript.instance.notDead || Interface.selectedObject.fainted))
if(powerScript != null && powerScript.addPower < 0f)
	powerScript.addPower = 10f;

if(myScript.selectedObject != null && myScript.selectedObject.activates)
	myScript.selectedObject.activates = null;

In your case it could be easier to rewrite your code that you can write an early out using

if(myScript.selectedObject == null)

ensuring that the followed code can safely work with myScript.