Checking position doesn't work?

When i press D on my keyboard, I would like it to move to the right smoothly and stop when the position of textobj reaches -12. Unfortunately this doesn’t want to co-operate with me, Here is the script. There is no errors , The text does not stop scrolling when textobj reaches -12.

var Speed : float = 5;
var textobj : GameObject;
var canMove : boolean = true;
var OriginalSpeed : float = 5;
var moveText : boolean = false;
function Update (){

	if( Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.D)){
		if( canMove == true ){
			moveText = true;
	if( moveText == true ){
		textobj.transform.position += Vector3.left * Time.deltaTime * Speed;
	if( textobj.transform.position  == Vector3(-12,0,0)){
		speed = 0;

function stopMovement (){
	canMove = false;
	Speed = 0;
	yield WaitForSeconds(0.1);
	Speed = OriginalSpeed;
	canMove = true;

This is because of floating point (im)precision. A simple solution would be ‘<=’ the x portion of the position (as that seems to be the only part you’re testing. If it was more than that, you could use ‘Distance’ to measure and compare it to a small value (but not a precise one).

Add Debug.Log (textobj.transform.position). You will see that the number wont become precisely -12, but instead has some decimal on the end.

Since Time.deltaTime is usually some fraction (e.g. 0.0132323), your transform.position will never end up being precisely -12. Instead as its updates, it probably goes something like -11.58, -11.79, -11.97, -12.23 etc.

If you want the object to stop when it hits -12, you need to check if its exceeded -12, and clamp it to -12.

     //check if past -12
     if( textobj.transform.position.x  <= -12f){
         speed = 0;
         // clamp to -12
         textobj.transform.position = new Vector3(-12f, textobj.transform.position.y, textobj.transform.position.z);