checking the objects close to me

i need to check objects close to me tagged = "RA13" i do not have an idea how can i do this.

if a tagged="RA13" object close to me , i will destroy it.

edit : if this impossible , please use js

    var you : Transform;
    var thePlayer : Transform;
    var distanceToDestroy : float = 1.0;

    function Update(){
        var dist = Vector3.Distance(thePlayer.position,you.position);

        if (dist > distanceToDestroy){
             var object = gameObject.FindWithTag("theObjectYouWantToKill");

this code will check the distance between two transforms, the Player and your object, if it is less then a certain number it will destroy the tagged object, you just need to initialize the object as transform being used on your script, there are a few ways to change this based on tags if you need more help comment me.