Checking Version of File

How do you check the version of a UNITY file?
Or rather what version of unity the file is saved as?

I am trying to open up and old UNITY scene, and not sure which version of Unity I built it with

Well, i don’t know an offical way, but if you have an hex-viewer/editor you can search for “FE FF FF FF”. It seems that it marks a section end in the file. The null terminated version string is exactly the last thing in the first section of a scene file, so you will find it right in front of the “FE FF FF FF”.

Oh and if you try to open an older/newer file it should popup a conversion warning. It doesn’t say what version but you can be sure it’s not this one :smiley:

I have a similar problem. A file was saved and uploaded to a repo, but I don’t know what version of unity it was saved under. Surely the version of unity it was saved as exists somewhere in the meta files. @Bunny83, you mentioned searching for that hex code, is there a specific file to search in? Can you expand on the solution you offered? Thank you.

In your project folder, go to ProjectSettings folder and there is a ProjectSettings.txt file. Maybe this is what you looking for.