Cheshire Lip Sync Index out of range error

I am using Cheshire lip sync tool to generate my animations. I have my shape keys on my character (from blender) but I get an error while trying to generate the animations.


After I click “Create Animation” it returns the following error at me:

IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range.

I have some negative values in my shape keys could that be an issue? Example in blender for my shape key I set the min to -1 and the max to 0 to get the right look. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

So I did a LOT of digging. There were a series of issues here.

  1. To resolve the

Index out of range error

problem you need to add the a single line of code to his “CheshireCreate.cs” code. It’s around line 112 (i tried to add some surrounding code to make this easier to find):

if(freshSymbols *== "rest") {*