Chest contents persistence between scenes

How do I keep chest contents persistent between changing scenes or loading game?

Lets say for example that in Scene1 I have chest with three items in it. Player interacts with chest and take out only second item. Then player moves to Scene2 and later returns to Scene1.
After loading chest will return its content to default, so all three items will be there again. Same thing will happen when player close and load game again.

How do I make chest “remember” what was taken out? I guess I can record every chest GameObject or Script (…or only List<> of items inside of it) in save file but maybe there is some better method?

How do I handle this properly?

you can use PlayerPrefs to save your stats ,if you go to another scene or even leave the game, your stats won’t change this will save your stats in registry.

for example

 using System.Collections;
 using System.Collections.Generic;
 using UnityEngine;
public int test;

    public void Start(){
 		test = PlayerPrefs.GetInt ("test");
	test += 10;
	PlayerPrefs.SetInt ("test",test);

Old question but I am in same boat…