Chest creating

I made a art for a chest, one is open and another is closed, and i want to make a script when player collide with chest and press E or open button to destroy that chest that is closed and create a chest that is open.

I made a script only for destroying because i dunno what should i use to create a new object .

Here is script :

if (kovcegtxt) {
			if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Open")) {
				Destroy (kovceg);

				kovcegtxt = false;

				ChestUI.SetActive (false);

There is kovcegtxt just for when collide to show some text.

Chest is “kovceg” in here.

kovceg is defined like this :

kovceg = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Zkovceg");

Okey i did a code that changes a sprite, but i would like now when it changes sprite to set it on x and y a little up than closed chest because sprite of open chest is a little down because it’s bigger. How could i do that?
Here is code:

void ChangeTheDamnSprite ()
		if (spriteRenderer.sprite == sprite1) 
			spriteRenderer.sprite = sprite2;
			spriteRenderer.sprite = sprite1;