Chewing gum Physics Material 2D

I am trying to create a GameObject that should work like a chewing gum.
For that I did the following:

  1. Create an empty GameObject
  2. Drag the sprite (same width and height) into the previous GameObject
  3. Add a Box Collider 2D to the GameObject
  4. Create a Physics Material 2D
  5. Add the previous Physics Material 2D to the Box Collider 2D

I used a Bounciness value of 0.3f so it bounces a little and a Friction value of 0.8f so the objects that touch it get stuck but it is not working. I also tried with several combinations of those values but with no luck.

Is this the right approach? I am new to Unity so maybe I am not getting how really Physics Material work.

Please note that I am using 2D mode settings.

I ended up using another approach that works better. Using OnCollisionEnter2D I create a SpringJoint2D connecting the object that touched it. I also change the linear drag of the same object so it does not move too much.

 public class Gum : MonoBehaviour {
    	void OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D collider)
    		GameObject go = collider.gameObject;
    		SpringJoint2D joint = gameObject.AddComponent<SpringJoint2D>();
    		joint.connectedBody = go.rigidbody2D;
    		go.rigidbody2D.drag = 10;