Child as pivot's parent

Maybe it’s a silly question, i’m new in Unity.

I’m struggling to find a solution to change my gameObject pivot.
I’m working on a very simple racing game that allows the users to transform ‘live’ their main vehicle changing its speed and axis rotation.

I’ve tried to attach to my Parent few empty gameObjects, each representing a pivot point for the different vehicles, using in the script attached to the parent:

transform.Rotate(transform.GetChild(0).up, * axisH * steering);

Obviously doesn’t work. The parent gameObject always rotates around his main pivot.

I have drawn a couple of rays just to see if transform.GetChild(0).up exists, and yes, the Ray shows that the ‘up’ component is there, in the position i want my parent to rotate around.

Is there any other way rather than have an empty parent with the gameObject as a child?
Is really impossible to control from script pivot points?

Thanks a lot

there was a typo in the code, sorry :slight_smile:

transform.Rotate (transform.GetChild(0) * axisH * steering));