Child ignoring parent rotation?

Hi guys. I have a sphere rigidbody which I’m currently using to represent a character while in the prototyping stage of a project. Moving forward, I want to maintain the sphere rigidbody for collision, but turn of it’s renderer and instead play a simple animation that shows a character running.

However, I want the animation (which will be a 2D anim) to always face the forward, effectively ignoring the rotation of the sphere (I’m assuming it would be the child of the sphere rigidbody) - so if you like, imagine the monkey in Super Monkey Ball, or a hamster in a ball - they both stay upright facing forward, while the sphere they are in rotates. I’m wondering how best to achieve this - is there anyway for a child to ignore or counteract it’s parent rotation in an elegent manner? Or perhaps there’s a simpler solution altogether.

Thanks for any suggestions

Instead of making the 2D character a child, just have the 2D character track the parent.

var track : Transform;

function Update() {
   transform.position = track.position;

Or you could just reset the rotation each frame. You might have to do it in LateUpdate().

transform.roation = Quaternion.identity;