Child prefab Scale on inspector becoming( 1,1,1) while playing

Hello guys, I am with a strange problem. As I always make, I create a empty object and put the animation prefab inside of it to make the object independent from the animation part. So this is working well, the parent prefab always have scale (1,1,1) and the animation I can change its parameters freely.

The problem is I am importing a cube from blender to unity. In the level editor it is ok, I change the scale to (50,100,100) and it seems fine. When I press the play button, this animation scale becomes (1,1,1) almost disappearing.

This object doesn`t have any script, it is just a square ground with a box collider on its parent, can some1 help me. Importing things to unity is harder than code :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounds like you’ve identified your problem already. The animation itself doesn’t have a scale, but the transform does. Animation objects store a number of things, but one of which is the Transform information. The transform includes the scale. The animation you have on your object probably includes keyframes setting the scale of the object.

The best fix is to create a copy of your file in Unity to edit with the built-in animation editor (Unity won’t let you edit original files with the editor) Delete the scale curves and you should be free to scale it however you want.

Well, solved the problem putting the mesh inside of an empty object and scaling this object instead of mesh.