Child Transform Out of Bounds

Hello all! I am trying to scale specific parts of a 2D character and have all of the child objects scale and position themselves accordingly.

The scaling works fine but when I try to reposition the child to be where it should reletively be I get the exception

UnityException: Transform child out of bounds

First I’m wondering what the exception is and second how it is thrown.

Here is my code

private void BoneScale()
	Transform[] tempBone = knight.mBoneTransforms;				
	foreach (Transform gameObj in tempBone) 
		if (gameObj.parent != null) 
		{	//Look for specific bone 
			if ( == "Arm L") 
				//Set its new scale
				gameObj.localScale = new Vector3 (10, 10, 1);
                //Get the childs Transform
				Transform tempTransform = gameObj.GetChild(0);
			    //Get the childs position
				Vector3 tempPosition = tempTransform.position;
                //Set the new positon (I used a low number to test to see if would bypass the exception, nope 
				tempTransform.position = new Vector3(tempPosition.x + 1, tempPosition.y + 1, tempPosition.z);

Any help would be appreciated

With gameObj.GetChild(0) you’re accessing a child of the Transform without checking whether it actually has children.