Choose picture \ escolher imagem

I am creating a simple puzzle where the player can choose the image he will have to assemble.
  Every part of playing is ready

I need to know how I make a button to open the location of your pictures and change the puzzle texture.


Estou criando um quebra-cabeça simples onde o jogador pode escolher a imagem que ele terá que montar.

Toda parte de jogar está pronta

Preciso saber como eu faço um botão que abra o local das suas imagens e mude a textura do puzzle.

escolher imagem

So for future readers, if you’re wondering about details to the question, see the replies above, I’ll be referencing that information here.

So if you want access to photos in the person’s iPad itself then that is not supported currently by Unity. As stated in the documentation linked below.

However, you can get access to all of this through iOS native plugins. So that means making a .dll file for all the functionality that you want. I personally haven’t done this in the past, but I’m sure that there are tutorials out there on it if you want to go that route. Beyond that there are multiple assets in the asset store that you can try. Some are free, others are paid, I don’t know all of the differences between them, they are just the ones that I found the quickest that supplied what you wanted. Sorry, there wasn’t a straightforward answer to the question, but I hope that it’s enough information to guide you in the right direction.

iOS SDK Pro - Native API Access From C#, Javascript, and Boo:!/content/9555

iOS Etcetera Plugin:!/content/2738

IOS Native:!/content/7421