Choose Target Platform "Mac" on Windows. (How to install missing components?)

I created a unity project on PC, and want to build a launcher for mac.

However, the only target platform available to me was Windows.

A similar thread from 2015 suggested using the Dowload Manager as a solution.
(I do at least remember checkboxes like that when installing Unity.)

However, I don’t see any option like that on the Unity Hub, which as far as I understood is meant as a manager for all the downloads an extensions. But it only offers the builds themselves.

Likewise, the download page of the latest version only offers the installer for the latest Unity Build (2019.1.0f2). Launching that and reinstalling Unity didn’t offer that Mac support checkbox I was hoping for either.

Am I missing something? It can’t possibly be that hard to just create a from Windows, can it?

I was also having this problem! I take it you’re using Unity Hub, too? I’m not sure if you’ve resolved it in this time, but this is what I did:

  • Open Unity Hub
  • Click “Installs” in the left bar
  • “Locate” the right editor
  • Click the three vertical dots on your version
  • Click “Add Modules”
  • Add the Mac Build Support (Mono)

Using the latest UnityHub, I went to ‘installs’, then hit the three dots on the block which had the unity version. I did not use the ‘locate’ button. I hope that works for you.