Choosing the right resolution


I’m creating my first 2D-game for Android with Unity3D and I have a target resolution of 1080x1920 (my GUI uses this resolution). Is this resolution too big for a mobile game? I didn’t make the in-game-sprites yet and I’m just wondering that the resolution might be too large (memory comsumption).

Should I support two resolutions (1080x1920 and 540x960) or choose a lower one like 720x1280? Do I have to redesign all my GUI-graphics if I choose a resolution like 720x1280? What about the sprites? How do I make the sprites so they look the same in different resolutions?

i built mine at that resolution, the memory seems to be fine as far as responsiveness of the game. The Sprites retain their scale for me regardless of what device they’re on.

The canvas however, i had to set to scale with screen size which solved my problem for any buttons or images being a reasonable size for any device. Had to make sure my anchors and stretches agreed as well.

As far as which resolution, just go with what gives you the best feel and set it to scale with the screen size.