Choppy Character Rotation on Slopes

Hello. I have an animated player character with all the necessary scripts attached, including the 3rd person controller script that came with Unity. It all works well, except that as I move my character down any sloped terrain and try to change direction with the WASD keys, the rotation gets super choppy. This doesn’t happen at all on flat terrain, mind you. I really have no clue where to start looking for the problem. Additionally, I only have any experience with C#, but the 3rd person controller is in Javascript, so I’m deathly afraid of tweaking it without guidance.

Any ideas?

Ok, I managed to make a rudimentary video to illustrate my problem. The link is here:

I’ve actually discovered that the best answer is to smooth out my terrain as much as possible. I had made some adjustments with the terrain toolkit that were in conflict with what the character controller script was expecting.