Choppy movment for even the most basic stuff

I’m using the following code for updating my player.

void Update () {
	float hori = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal");
	float ver = Input.GetAxis("Vertical");
	Vector2 transVector = new Vector2(hori, ver);
	transform.Translate(transVector * 5 * Time.deltaTime);

But when running the movment is choppy, should I say, jumpy, because it shakes left and right.

I then created a new project with only a single cube in it and the same script. But it is still choppy when hit run, noted the fps is at 60.
This happens intermitently and isn’t that serious, but still, even the slightly choppy moment is unbearable since this is such a simple scene.

Note: only translation is suffering from this choppy movement, all other animations are rendered smoothly in the game. So I can only think of this as not updating in constant frame. But I already have Update and DeltaTime used, why will this happen?

Please advise.

you might try this

Do you have a camera targeting the player? If so, try it with a fixed (script-less) camera. Sometimes the jerkiness is really in the camera positioning.

Sometimes the editor, will be a little jerky. It’s handling the extra windows that won’t be in the real game. That comes and goes. If you try a Build&Run you’ll see the “real” look of the game.

Otherwise, your code runs nice and smooth for me.